Lab Members

Elizabeth R. Gavis
Professor of Molecular Biology
Damon B. Pfeiffer Professor in the Life Sciences
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Molecular Biology
416 Schultz Laboratory

Elizabeth Gavis (Liz) is the Damon B. Pfeiffer Professor in the Life Sciences in the Department of Molecular Biology and an Associated Faculty in the Quantitative and Computational Biology program at Princeton University. Liz became hooked on research during a summer internship at the Carnegie Institute for Embryology, just after graduating…

Kwan Yin Lee
Postdoc Research Associate

Research Topic: Regulation of germ cell biology by germline RNA granules

Anna Hakes
Graduate Student
Research Topic: Role of germ granules in developing Drosophila germ cells
Brooke Hull
Graduate Student

Research Topic: Roles of RNA binding proteins in oogenesis and neuronal development.

Hui Li
Graduate Student

Research Topic: Roles of RNA binding proteins in dendrite morphogenesis 

Kira Mitchel
Graduate Student

Research Topic: Mechanisms of RNA interactions and assembly in germ granules

Matthew Niepielko
Visiting Scholar, Assistant Professor, Kean University

Research Topic: Mechanisms of Drosophila germ granule assembly

Stella Choi
Undergraduate Student
Albert Zhou
Undergraduate Student
Zoya Gauhar
Research Specialist

Research Topic: Using CRISPR-Cas13 to study germ granules and live image RNAs.

Matthew Montondo
Faculty Assistant
Office Phone
319 Schultz Laboratory